About Us

My Facility

At present, my facility consists of one evaluation and treatment room, a concise well-equipped gym and therapeutic solar-heated pool.

To evaluate patient's conditions, I may utilize the typical clinical equipment such as blood pressure cuff, reflex hammer, goniometer to measure joint angle, grip and pinch dynamometers, sensation tests, surface electromyographic biofeedback, microcurrent stimulator, electro-nerve-muscle stimulator, mirror or camera to reflect back to the patient and record findings.

Treatment may involve the application of electro-physiologic modalities such as low-level laser, deep oscillation therapy, microcurrent (i.e., to assist in the resolution of pain, swelling and inflammation). Cryo-therapy, the use of cold to further assist in pain, swelling and inflammation may also be utilized.

In the gym, exercises are chosen based upon the patient’s problem, individual needs and capacities. There is the newest Total Gym apparatus with the Power Tower that accommodates persons of differing abilities. Wall-mounted pulley systems allow weights to in fact de-load or decompress body structures much like the aquatic environment automatically accomplishes for those that prefer land exercises. Cardiovascular training is available on the recumbent or air dyne ergometer that combines upper and lower body exercises. A large 85 centimeter Swiss ball, mat, hand-held weights, Bow Flex Ultimate machine for seated and prone exercises up to 300 lbs. is also on hand along with Rower- Chest Press hydraulic equipment that will adjust to your strength force.

The solar heated pool has a shallow 3½ foot depth for non-swimmers and 4 ½ foot depth for taller persons. Resistive exercise and flotation equipment is available for individual needs. Aquatic exercises and hands-on treatments are conducted in this pool one on one. Family members, significant others are encouraged to accompany the patient and follow through upon discharge is strongly recommended.


To positively enhance the quality of people's lives by the delivery of world-class physical therapy

Core Values

To deliver world-class physical therapy consistently:

  • Ethically Sound
  • Environmentally Sustainable
  • Profitable Manner