Ai Chi

Ai Chi is a new water exercise and relaxation program created by Jun Konno of Japan in the early 1990’s.

The sixteen movement sequence consists of a combination of deep breathing and slow, coordinated, expansive moves standing in chest depth water, warm, preferably. A Japanese proverb reminds us that “willow does not break under the weight of snow”. The physical and mental discipline necessary to master this sequence is well worth the time invested towards realizing your improved health and well-being. You stand to gain increased balance, flexibility, stability and strength.

About the Originator: This aquatic technique was designed by the founder and president of the Aqua Dynamics Institute in Japan and the moves are similiar to T’ai Chi Chuan. Konno is presently a well-known authority on Aquatic Fitness and frequent Guest Lecturer. In his earlier career, he was a decorated Swimming Coach, training Japan’s Olympic Swim Team. His previously best known book was Swimming Concepts. Jun Konno is continually refining his Ai Chi technique and conferring with Ruth Sova to convey the updates to us in the United States.

About your Instructor: Simone Palmer, PT studied Ai Chi under Ruth Sova, MS, who is the founder of Aquatic Exercise Association and President of the Aquatic Therapy and Rehab. Instititute. Ruth Sova is responsible for sharing Ai Chi with the United States as she collaborated and collaborates with Jun Konno to expand this important work through books, tapes and teaching. When Simone studied Watsu and WaterDance during the lengthy Certification Process: frequently Ai Chi was introduced as a warm-up exercise for aquatic bodywork to promote sound body mechanics and fluid movements.