Holistic Evaluations

An hour +/- dedicated to best understanding your unique circumstances that brought you to seek the professional intervention of a Holistically-Minded Physical Therapist. An Integrated Systems Approach is the model of taking into consideration the many body systems that must work in a synchronistic way. Please recognize the importance of the cardiovascular (circulatory), neurological (brain, nerves), musculoskeletal (muscles, bones, joints), pulmonary (respiratory), gastro-intestinal (digestive), endocrine, reproductive, urinary, and lymphatic systems – all working effectively together to healing your injured and or painful area(s).

It is the effective engagement of all these bodily systems and functions with your mindful actions that contribute to and determine the success and speed of your recovery process. Diet, Nutrition, Habits, Thoughts, Actions, Breaths, Elimination Patterns each and all affect your whole being and well-fare. Be willing to take a closer look and make changes to realize your successful result!

Specifically, on your first visit after taking a thorough history the physical examination may be comprised of the following components: vital signs – heart rate, blood pressure, total body weight – height, measurements of your range of motion – active, active assistive, passive, manual muscle functional strength tests, grip-pinch strength tests, postural and gait analysis, determining right or left dominance upper and lower, noting breath patterns, reflex and sensation testing, and special tests related to your particular, presenting condition.

A customized plan of care is mutually constructed between patient and physical therapist upon completing the initial exam. Together, we write down what your functional goals are and set realistic timelines. Then, we agree upon the treatment methods that will guide you to meet those goals. Going forward, this process will be repeated in a timely manner to re-evaluate your progress and reframe the desired treatment goals.