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"I was prescribed PT to help with a trigger finger that had become quite painful and chose Simone, mostly because she had done amazing work on my husband 5 years ago when he nearly cut off his finger. My experience was just as amazing. Simone focused on the whole body and taught me how to be my own best advocate. My finger is totally back to normal and I highly recommend Simone."
Mar 09, 2020
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"Twelve weeks ago I had a bilateral total knee replacement. I did ten weeks of rehab with Simone and it was very successful. She was very patient with me from the beginning. She explained in detail why everything I was doing was important. This was a very painful surgery and when I was having trouble she would carefully change my therapy to meet my needs. I would highly recommend her for any physical therapy needs."
Aug 15, 2019
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"My experiences with Simone have been outstanding. I have learned to do so many exercises in the pool without feeling so much pain. I think it is a great health place to be."
Jul 09, 2019
"I had a great experience at Massabesic with Simone. A few weeks ago I had a terrible knee injury to the point where I was afraid for my life and thought I wouldn't be able to walk normal again. I came in to visit Simone, she listened patiently and understood what my recovery required and designed specific exercises that helped me heal now and to also live a better life in the future. I would highly recommend Simone to anyone in need of physical therapy. She has the knowledge, patience and experience."
Jul 01, 2019
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"Great service, satisfied with my progress."
Jun 17, 2019
"After breaking my leg, I found myself frustrated and depressed. With my lack of mobility, I thought it would never be the same... Simone helped me down the road of recovery focusing not only on body, but mind and spirit as well. I'm amazed at the progress we've made together. With her patience and expertise, I'm sure my progress will continue and I'll be better than I ever was!"
May 14, 2019
"Experienced, good and helpful. I believe I am progressing very well and I would recommend Massabesic."
Mar 12, 2019
"I have been very happy with my experience so I hope to parlay what I learned from now on. I do hope everyone will come here for treatment."
Dec 21, 2018
"It was very nice and I accomplished a lot."
Dec 21, 2018
"I leave with much more flexibility, less tension and equipped with strategies going forward; IE: the Fab 6 and other exercises to incorporate into my daily routine to hopefully maintain progress and improve more."
Dec 11, 2018
"A revelation!"
Dec 11, 2018
"I went to Simone when I suffered an extremely painful pinched nerve in my neck, after first being seen by the leading Ortho specialists and chiropractor on the island-all of which threw up their hands saying my condition was too serious for them to treat. My first visit with Simone was so moving. I was in excruciating pain and she knew it. After reviewing my medical reports and MRIs, having fairly serious pre-existing conditions in my neck, she gently assured me that it would take time. "Gentle" being the new mantra that I was to incorporate in my everyday life. Simone slowly but surely brought relief, both with her physical treatments and her soft, positive spirit. Her wide range of treatments blew me away almost as much as their effectiveness. Every session left me in a soft warm afterglow. I cannot express how impressed I was with Simone's depth of wisdom and knowledge, nor can I thank her enough for the comfort, both physical and emotional that she gave me. She is nothing short of an angel."
Sep 04, 2018
"An inspiration, thoughtful and comprehensive. A finding approach working with the patient-not just on a patient. A true blessing."
Sep 04, 2018
"I highly will recommend Mrs. Simone to everyone looking for a physical therapist. She is very patient, gentle and encourages one to get better."
Sep 04, 2018
"Simone es una buena persona en su trabajo, o mejor dicho en su oficio. Ella tiene mucha paciencia, y es muy amable. Estoy muy satisfecha con sus servicios. Gracias Simone."
Jul 20, 2018
"My experience here with physical therapy has been positive."
Jul 20, 2018
"I fell a year ago injuring both of my knees. It was recommended by my doctor that I have surgery, but with major medical facilities compromised after our hurricane, that has not been possible. Simone Palmer suggested that I try physical therapy. It has been a miraculous experience. Not only has the therapy taken away my pain and helped heal my knees, but Simone has taught me how to use my whole body in a much more integrated way to support not just the knees, but my hips, back, and neck. I have learned a whole new way of walking and look forward to feeling better "all over" from now on. Thanks, Simone! Linda Garvin"
Jul 17, 2018
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Simone Palmer is a trained and licensed physical therapist with over 32 years of clinical experience, Simone has had a vast array of clients, ranging from the disabled to the physically fit and stress challenged. By using an integrated systems approach, all of Simone’s treatments are focused on elongating and rebalancing the muscles and surrounding tissue, without heavy direct pressure on sensitive or problem areas of the body. Combined with this technique is Simone’s uncanny ability to “hear” what your body is asking for – she can sense where muscle tightness is located and identifies the solution, gently coaxing the body into a delicate release. This synergy results in a session of deep relaxation, creating a new understanding of how the body works and what you can do to encourage self-healing.

Meet Amerita Vega, who has always exercised, her whole life! She believes in maintaining an active lifestyle. In order to be healthy enough to do what she enjoys, she walks and works out with a Personal Trainer going on 16 years!

Upon receiving the medical diagnosis of her back condition in 2014, Amerita scheduled a Physical Therapy appointment with Simone looking for answers on how she could restore her back and leg comfort level and continue with normal, everyday functions. Her symptoms were resolving within the first month of clinical treatment after one and half years of discomfort.

Three years later, she continues therapeutic exercises to this day and is symptom-free. In 2016, she added the Ai Chi Class to her weekly exercise regimen, after learning the benefits of water immersion and that swimming is not a requirement. You may wonder why some people respond more quickly than other people to treatment?

Our habits will either add to or take away from our index of health. Amerita made a decision early on to take charge of her physical fitness.

Amerita is an inspiration to her neighbors and an example of how rewarding it is to literally invest in one’s health.


-Amerita Vega

Four years ago, plagued by right ankle pain, Tahirah AbuBakr came to MHR, VI, PC for assistance in resolving her pain issues. Physical Therapist, Simone Palmer assisted Tahirah in her process. Both acknowledging that achieving Health & Wellness are Lifelong Goals that demand continuous, vigilant care.

The most exciting news witnessed this 2nd month in the year 2017 was the vigor and endurance that Tahirah demonstrated with walking and dancing in the sand! There was absolutely no hindrance from the right ankle!

In Tahirah’s own words “Pain is a message that something – somewhere is out of balance and alignment. The body makes it’s request(s) known and it is up to us to listen, to learn the lesson(s) and over-come the obstacle (s).”

Thank you Tahirah for sharing your experience, wisdom and success story with us! You give us the encouragement to pay attention and overcome vs. succumb.

-Tahirah AbuBakr

Simone is a gifted physical therapist. I had orthoscopic surgery to remove a piece of carilage from my knees and came to see Simone 5 weeks post-operation for Physical Therapy. I feel so much better after one session. My limp was for long pronounced and my range of motion increased. In addition, Simone spends the time to explain what happens to your body after injury and the best way to help it heal going forward. I recommend Simone without hesitation.

-Vera Baquet

I fell on uneven pavement, twisting my ankle and skinning my knee just a couple of days into my vacation. I was very fortunate to see Simone Parker right away for treatment of my injuries. The results were truly remarkable. With the hands-on pain therapy and low level laser technology she used, the throbbing pain in my ankle was relieved and my scraped knee began healing more quickly than I expected – vacation saved!

-Kay Christiansen

“In March, 2016 surgery was required to repair a torn Achilles tendon. After eight weeks I started physical therapy with Simone. I started wearing a boot and hobbling on crutches. Simone taught me how to use these aids safely and effectively. She used exercises and aqua therapy to strengthen my left foot. What I liked best was that I never experienced any pain. The most difficult exercise and stretches were in the pool which took off my body weight and I was able to do them without danger and weightlessly. The results were amazing. Within 4 weeks most of the swelling went down and I had increased mobility. I had gone from crutches to a cane to no walking aid. Today I have full mobility and I’m able to walk effortlessly. I am able to travel and do the things I love. Simone made it all possible.
Thx for all you’re done for me.”

-Elsa Garcia

“After I was diagnosed with arthritis in my legs, back and painful bone spurs in my hip, I am now able to stand, walk and get up in new ways, thanks to Simone. She taught me how best to support myself, improve my balance, how to walk upright, to exercise and strengthen my muscles. Through her encouragement, I went to acupuncture appointments and learned to eat a diet that reduces inflammation. As a result, I no longer take pain medicine or even use my cane everyday. Sure, some days I get fatigued when the arthritis flares up, but with the physical therapy and education I got from Simone, I was able to take my life back in ways that I had never thought possible before. I now proudly say that I graduated from physical therapy with honors, thanks to Simone’s expertise.”

-Tina T.

I am a registered nurse in a profession notorious for back problems. A year ago I came to St Croix with back pain extending all the way down one leg, despite having back surgery a year prior to that. My "fun" was compromised, to say the least. My fortune was to see Simone for an initial evaluation and treatment using several PT modalities over the course of a week. Simone's expertise, as well as her kind, genuine and positive outlook for me, was incredible. When I continued PT at home my therapist said he had never seen such a thorough report. Now I am back in St Croix hiking, snorkeling, and carrying my own luggage! I have helped myself through exercise over the year. But without a doubt, Simone had set me on a good path and I am very grateful.

-Joanne from Tennesse

Therapeutic Massage Success Stories

“Simone’s massage is like nothing I’ve ever experienced – so gentle- and at the same time, opening and powerful. She knows bodies – I could feel that right off and her touch had a way of inviting my body to unfold.”

-Anna Wright

“Simone has the gift of a spirit nymph’s touch – gentle and inviting, sensitive and intuitive. My body relaxed under her gentle touch, releasing the tension and embracing a new energy. A vacation for the soul!”

-Wendy Blumenthal & Jody Breakell

“I was always reluctant to have a massage until I came to Sand Castle. After hearing rave reviews from the other members of my group, I submitted to my first massage. Now that I’ve had the best, I will wait until I come back to Simone’s gentle touch for another massage.”

-Agnes D. Duou

“Thank you Simone, you are a ‘Quiet Storm.’”

-Diane White Pelosi

“Simone-Thank you for the gentle caring touch. Your intuitive sense about bodies and where to focus is truly amaxing. I hope you receive as as much as you give.”


“It is always wonderful to meet people who know people-because you immediately gain a new and meaningful friend-and then combine this wonderful person with the healing touch of Massage Therapy, well words can’t justify the experience-so I guess my best advice is to schedule a world class massage at the world class Sand Castle Resort and enjoy Simone, her hands and her wonderful personality!”

-Eric Smith & Aaron Stultz

“My trip to St. Croix was made all the more enjoyable as I looked forward to receiving another one of Simone’s relaxing and healing massages. Simone’s calm and gentle energy lends itself to making the massage not only physically but emotionally a healing experience. Simone provides a special sensibility to the sessions, not only with her expertise with massage techniques but also with her understanding of the special needs of someone who has had past emotional trauma and physical illness. Simone’s trauma sensitive approach provided me with a positive atmosphere and a feeling of safety. Additionally some chronic muscular pain symptoms were improved dramatically. I highly recommend Simone’s massage sessions, even now almost a week later I can still feel the positive effect it had on my mind and my body.”

-Christine De Marco

“I began PT with Simone in April and was curious to see how some of the cutting edge technology she was using should work. I am pleased to say that I have seen a great increase in my ability to move about and climb stairs. She is very good at explaining what she is doing and how it works and always willing to answer questions. She also tailors your home exercies program to your needs and capabilities.
She treats each patient as an individual instead of just a body with problems! I highly recommend Massabesic Health Resources VI and Simone Palmer”

-Joan Keenan

“I have had deep tissue massage for many years – over 25 – and find the healing work of Simone’s practice to be the very best. She listens to my body with her hands and understands how I carry stress in my body as her to help me stay healthy. I include yoga and swing as well but find my weight session with Simone needed”

-Honnie Edward