At Massabesic Health Resources, VI, highly trained, professionals, examine and individually design effective treatment regimes for a host of neuromusculoskeletal problems across the age spectrum. The wellness center’s philosophy reflects an Integrated Systems Approach. Each person’s case is skillfully treated with clinical procedures, physical modalities and therapeutic exercises specific to the individual’s target functional goals.

In concert with your physician(s) and heath care team, our commitment to you is to help you discover your optimal heath potential.

Your rehabilitation goals are realized by combining the clinical skills and experience with your active participation, dedication and motivation.

Specialty Areas: Your Choice for Quality Care

  • Holistic evaluations precede individualized, treatment care plans
  • Professional, clinical interventions maximize your health potential and minimize impairments.
  • Hands-on Therapeutic Approach
  • Physical modalities may include low level laser, deep oscillation, microcurrent
  • Therapeutic Exercise Equipment (Land & Aquatic Instruction, Individually)

Please note: Prevention of serious work and sports related injuries is possible; clear intentions and vital measures are necessary.

  • Aquatic Rehabilitation Neurological- Orthopedic Focus
  • Chronic Pain Management.
  • Sports Specific Training Programs

* Manual Therapy incorporates a wide spectrum of specific techniques designed to enhance circulation,increase soft tissue flexibility and joint range of motion. Simone is certified in the ASTYM system, a scientifically developed treatment that achieves exceptional results in treating soft tissue injuries and scar tissue. The success of the ASTYM system is documented for a wide variety of neuro- musculo-skeletal diagnoses. The hallmark of this treatment approach is that it is often successful when other treatments methods have failed. For more info:

** Low Level Lasers stimulate the healing process by delivering a focused beam of coherent light. In use for over 25 years, this medical instrument’s overall effects are to decrease pain and inflammation, accelerate wound closure and increase range of motion. Biologically, the laser initiates cellular communication by increasing microcirculation and enhancing tissue regeneration that accelerates the body’s recovery process significantly.